photo“He Makes Other Designers Look Like Young Children… ”
Agung recently developed a jaw dropping mini-site for me. What a professional! He makes other designers look like young children… who like to use finger paints and broken crayons.

John S. Rhodes
Rhodes Brother


“Transform From an Idea Into a Masterpiece”

Thank you so much for your help with my design. It was a pleasure working with you and seeing it transform from an idea into a masterpiece.

What was particularly refreshing was how helpful you were making changes and willing to accomodate all of my wishes.

Thanks once again,
Ben Shaffericon away Testimonial


“He Just Did One Of Ours In About a Day and It Looks Spot On”

Agung is AMAZING. There is no one, and yes, I said “no one” in the internet marketing industry that can create such quality cartoon images.

He just did one of ours in about a day and it looks spot on. Almost too perfect! :-)

Brad Callen


Hello everyone,
Jonathan here

I wanted to offer my thoughts on Agung’s design service.
Well – let me just say … WOW! Amazing work. Fast. Superb.

I bought FOUR basic packages on a whim. Impulse purchases,
and yet the final designs surpassed my wildest expectations. If you
need a new look, hire Agung today. His work is just amazing, and he
follows instructions. Professional. Polite. Excellent communication …

Without a doubt, one of the best designers I’ve worked with (ever!)

Stop messing around, and hire him today. You will not be sorry.

The question is NOT … “Can you afford it” … but rather …

“Can you afford NOT to have a beautiful design that increases sales?”





What can I say?

Well, nothing really. Except Wow!

Agung is…well…the best minisite designer I’ve ever dealt with.

Instant creativity, perfect design…he almost instinctively knew what I wanted!

And he was available at a moment’s notice to answer my questions.

Like I said…Wow!

No wonder Agung has so many happy customers. Totally deserved, and he has my 100% seal of approval.

Thanks, Agung. You’re a star.

Kind regards,
Steven Fullman



Awesome graphics + quick turnaround + polite and friendly + awesome price = hire Agung for all your design needs.

Math lessons aside…, Agung just sent me a great minisite. I didn’t give him too many specs to work with, but he took it and gave me exactly what I wanted even though I didn’t really tell him what that was.

Thanks…will hopefully be hiring you again soon!