Q: How do i pay your services?
A: you can hire my services with paypal because paypal is the most secure payment that use by almost internet marketer

Q: Can i pay you half first? and half after finish?
A: I’m so sorry i only accept upfront payment because i have a bad experience with running customer also i need upfront payment to buy stock images and they are not ‘cheap’ :)

Q: How long i’ll receive design?
A: For minisite you’ll receive draft first in 1-3 working days and after you approved it i’ll continue make the rest and it takes max 48 hours, but in most cases i can do your work faster if i don’t get under workload, because i’m not oriented on ” speed graphic” but quality result graphic. and for Ecover is 1-2 days (include revision and final design) :)

If i have problem and can’t sent you right on timelike mention above  i’ll email you to let you know what’s going on (this problems sometimes it’s happen)

Q: Do i get revision after i get final design?
A: Sure as long that only small revision it’s FREE but if takes lot of revision after you approved design i have to charge you more and i gave you 1 week for revision

Q: How do you send your files?
A: i’m using email and compress file to zip or rar but in some cases if the file it’s too big i’m uploading to my server and i’ll give you the link to download it

Q: what kind of  format did i get?
A: most of it is JPG and Gif but in some cases PNG for transparant background

Q: Can i have PSD files?
A: Sure, right now PSD file is free you can ask by request

Q: If i already process an order, what the best communicate during design process?
A: The best communicate is trough my email at support@getminisite.com because it’s connect directly to my cell phone and my private email so i can reply imediatly also you can use messenger service like Yahoo Messenger or Skype

Have other’s question? please email me at support@getminisite.com