I Swear Under Oath…

 “Twitter Money Formula” 

Helped Me Go From Being

"Jobless" to "Boss Less"


From the Desk of: Daniel Gallagher
Subject: Idiots Guide to Making Money with Twitter

It was the start of a New Year - 2009. I was to rejoin office from 2nd January, once I returned from my tropical Hawaiian vacation. I had reached home on 1st January and as I went through the voice mail; I heard the burly voice of my manager asking me to report to him for a “special meeting”. Which I later came to know was the actually the “termination meeting”.

And just like that I was jobless, still grieving about the loss of my livelihood and desperately in search of a job; I started searching the online job portals.

But in the meantime, I knew that an alternative source of income was to be found if I were to keep up with minimum payment of my numerous credit cards, my mortgage payment, etc. and flipping burgers at my local Burger King seemed to be the only viable alternative – but it was a dead-end job.

Still I didn’t give up hope. When I used to return home from my minimum wage job, I would scour the internet looking for real ways to make a living. At the same time, the internet was also necessary from me to keep in touch with my family and friends.

It was then that I heard about “Twitter phenomenon” – and I thought that I could make it my punching bag. It seemed like the one website that would allow me to take out my anger and frustration in tweets of less 140 characters. In a way, it was supposed to give me peace of mind.

Then one fine morning during the last days of January, I was sent a direct message by one of the underground internet marketing experts whom I was “following”. He told me that, “Why do you use Twitter to rant about your troubles, rather than using it to make yourself some serious money?”

From that onwards, he became my mentor and to this day remains a close friend whom I can always depend upon. I still remember his words of wisdom, “Daniel, Twitter is just a mean to an ultimate end. So it’s up to you to decide how you want to use it!”

Having learned the basics of internet marketing from him, I set out on my own path. His techniques were the building blocks of success and I was continuously refining and perfecting them to advance my bottom line – to offer more value for more profit.

By the end of February, I was making $700 to $1,000 a week from internet marketing and had quit my job as a burger flipper. And by July, my income had increased phenomenally to over $10,000 a week.

Ask Yourself… Are You Still Applying Outdated Tactics To Twitter?

Twitter has dramatically grown in these last few months and old-school tactics of making money online don’t apply to Twitter. Thus, with Twitter I basically had to reinvent the wheel as Twitter isn’t a chip of the old block, rather it’s a brand new block by itself!

Time for some statistics now – less than 5% of Twitter users have the objective of making money with Twitter. While, only a handful of that 5% actually know what strategies need to be applied for jumping ahead of thousands of other Twitter users and succeeding in making money with Twitter.

The Difference..?

There are plenty of “how to twitter” guides, written by so-called experts who only end up providing you basic and incomplete information. That is the reason why none can be mentioned in the same breath as the Twitter Money Formula, which shows you exactly how you can customize the use of Twitter based upon your business requirements.

So if you’re interested in making a few bucks using Twitter, for buying a cup of coffee and some tidbits; then Twitter Money Formula isn’t for you.

However, if you would you like to make over $10,000 a week (that’s how much I’m currently making) or more bucks using Twitter as your springboard to phenomenal profits, then you’ve surely come to the right place!

What This Is Absolutely Not!

Not a get-rich-quick scheme

Not a pyramid scheme

Not a multi level marketing (MLM) scheme

Not illegal nor is it blackhat

Twitter Money Formula Is A Must For You…   If You Would Like To -

Make a full time income online?

Become as famous as a celebrity?

Gain thousands of loyal followers?

Just test the waters and want to hold on to your fulltime “real world job”?

Make US$10,000 or more – EVERY WEEK?

Learn how to effectively promote your brick-and-mortar firm/shop/office using Twitter?

Get FREE publicity for your online or offline business?

Make the transition from being just an affiliate to a sought after super affiliate?

Get access to a targeted audience to promote your product?

Learn how you too can take advantage “web 2.0 properties” and “PRs”?

Boost your website’s or blog’s search engine ranking?

Sneak Preview of the Twitter Money Formula

The Twitter Money Formula actually consists of three separate ebooks worth $37 each, which have been converted by me into one single “Money Formula”, thus providing you with the “bullets” to enable you to shoot down the Twitter birdie and take home the big moolah!

You Will Learn:–

The correct way of setting up your Twitter account (sounds simple – but it’s amazing how the majority of Twitter users and especially those wanting to make money with Twitter get this wrong!)

The correct way of gathering thousands of loyal Twitter followers!

Revealed for the 1st Time – Top Secret Method to dramatically increase your followers!

How to “use” your Twitter followers to make you money!

How to take advantage of Twitter’s viral power!

The right method of cutting through the barbed fences that Twitter has places upon each one of us (if you haven’t encountered them yet – it means that you aren’t utilizing Twitter to its fullest potential)

How to clean your list – the easy and time saving way!

The BEST Twitter tools and software handed over to you, for no additional charge!

How to prevent yourself from being banned!

How to detect and remove “bad” followers!

How to receive an avalanche of traffic from Twitter!

Article marketing and twitter? Learn exactly how the pros do it!

The correct way of portraying yourself to your followers!

Learn how to gain maximum advantage of Twitter’s “link juice”!

How to setup 90% of your Twitter activities on autopilot!

Essential Twitter soft skills and etiquettes for successful marketing!

Exclusive – The new and improved two step technique to targeted Twitter followers. Just 2 clicks and you’re set!

How to use Twitter for gaining SEO advantage!

How to sneak past the limitations placed Twitter on all normal users!

How to discover what and who is “hot” in niche – and how you can take advantage of them!

How to instantly monetize your Twitter account for cash!

Why other Twitter users will pay you money to …… (shh..secret)!

Why losing money with you own redirection service or with normal url shortening services – and how you can reverse the cycle!

About all the tools you need to take advantage of Twitter to the fullest!

How you too can make money by taking advantage of an excellent case study of a pro Twitter user!

How to avoid the biggest mistakes being made by most Twitter marketers!

How you can easily brand your Twitter profile page – without knowing anything about design!

How to take advance of web 2.0 properties in numerous and ingenious ways!


Now you’re probably thinking, alright all this is good and fine – but won’t I have to spend hundreds of dollars to develop my own website and product?

Wrong! Now, I’ve already told you that Twitter Money Formula is a step above any other program out there. I really meant it from my heart!

To give all you wonderful ladies and gents a kick-start, I’ve already developed a couple of products for you’ll to sell and websites (to sell them from). And yes, you keep 100% of the profits!

 Which means that, all you’ve got to do is: drive targeted traffic (I teach you how) to your websites and bingo – you’re in business!

You’re Getting Access To…

The Twitter Money Formula - a complete system in itself.  It has been successful tested by me, over the past six months and has proven to be extremely profitable. While the techniques and the strategies that will be taught are extremely advanced, the Twitter Money Formula has been written in manner that will allow newbies (those with limited or without any internet marketing experience) to easily understand and follow the strategies outlined.

Twitter Money Formula is all about scale! Which means that, those who only have a hour or less everyday to spare on Twitter can put my system to use just as easily as those who’ve decided to be their own boss and work online fulltime.

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re completely protected by my 60 days no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. You’ve got 60 days to put my claims to test. Thus there’s absolutely nothing to lose and only cash to gain.

$37 Bonus One for FREE: Traffic Heist

Twitter Traffic Heist contains everything you ever wanted to about how you can get massive amounts of targeted and real traffic. It covers article marketing, viral marketing, PRs, link juice, web 2.0 properties and much more. The differentiating factor is that rather than just proving you with step-by-step blueprint on how to drive traffic to wherever you want to, it also teaches you how to monetize different types of traffic effectively. Thus, it makes sure that you’re making cash from the start.

$37 Bonus Two for FREE: The Underground Twitter Manifesto Exposed

It’s Twitter On Autopilot - The Underground Twitter Manifesto strips you of the excuse that you’ve haven’t got enough time! It’ll equip you with the tools needs to safely automate more than 90% of your Twitter activity. But it doesn’t stop there – rather it teaches you all Twitter etiquettes to be observed, thus making sure that you carve out a massive following!


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To Your Success,

Daniel Gallagher

(a rich tweeple)

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